Chewy Grinder EU

Chewy 2.0

Electric Grinder

The first ultra-portable electric herb grinder & dispenser. Fill your papers, bongs, pipes and vaporizers with the press of a button. 


Store, Grind, Dispense

No mess no fuss. Grind with the touch of a button 

Chube Smell Proof Container & Grinder

Odor Proof,Water Resistant, Indestructible



Chewy 2.0 a massive improvement over the original. Much tougher and much better grinding.

– The Herb Channel

I bought it and rate the Chube. Super efficient with minimal catch. If you're keen on keeping your kief, look up how to freeze clean silicone.

– Elliott Andersone.

The Chewy Automatic Grinder is easily the best portable grinder on the market.


Chewy 2 and the Chube are nothing like your typical grinder. Not only do they make busting down your bud more comfortable, but they’re also both extremely easy to use.